At The Finch Companies, we believe that safety in ALL of our company operations is not just a corporate goal, it is a requirement.  With a “Target ZERO” mentality at all times, policies and procedures are formulated around every job and process we are executing or involved with in order to ensure a safe environment.  The strength of the company is only as good as the strength and health of each of our employees and our associated clients.

With a corporate Experience Modification Rate (EMR) under 1.00, we are demonstrating above average safety and health performance compared to industry standards.

When you work with Peoria Metro Construction, you partner with a firm that cares as much about your employees as we care for our own.  Our entire organization is dedicated to producing the safest possible work environment at each job site from beginning to end.  

For more information on Peoria Metro Construction’s safety policies, please view the links below:

Corporate Safety Statement
Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

Project Gallery